Pukka offers organic and ecological teas. All the ingredients in Pukka's teas are 100% traceable, ethically and sustainably grown.


English Tea Shop

Founded to bring you premium tea, straight from the heart of Sri Lanka. Since 2010, English Tea Shop has harvested tea from the best tea plantations in the world.

Tea. Loving. Care.



Ordinary instant coffee, we can't hear you! We're levelling up on flavour, quality and putting our planet first. That's what we do. We are Little's; rule breakers, risk takers and coffee makers.



OGX haircare combines exotic ingredients with a sulphate-free surfactant system, for super gentle cleansing and a salon experience at home.

Healthy hair. Healthy planet.



Natural and pure hair care products. The mission is that hair care should be affordable, while providing effective and visible results.



Inspired by ingredients that can be found in tropical islands like Maui. Maui Moisture starts with a unique blend with aloe vera and is infused with pure coconut water.



Natural benefits, using the best quality (bath) salts. Making natural mineral salts accessible to all. 


Nesti Dante

What makes the difference of Nesti Soaps toward the majority of the soaps present on the market? The wonderful pack design and the excellent quality of the product itself.



Rosebud salves and lip balms are cult favorites enjoyed by celebrities, athletes, and health care providers alike.



Elastic hair ties that stay in perfect place as long as you need it. When removed, it glides off without tugging or tangling and leaves no marks in your hair.



Innovative make-up products in a trendy and minimalistic design.



Inspired by the intelligence of medicinal plants and traditional medicines. The mission is to bring nature’s gifts in their most organic, clean, and traditional form.



Quies have been helping people keep noise out for over 100 years. Whether you have challenges with sleep, concentration, or relaxation in noisy environments - Quies can help!